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Savoring Every Season of Life

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Words are so much more than letters arranged neatly on pages, just like photographs are more than memories in frames. They tell the stories of our lives. They put time into motion and bring those once lived moments, back to life.

You’ll find those stories here. Stories told of sweet seasons, hard seasons, celebratory seasons, and seasons we’ve laid to rest. Seasons where seeds are sown deep into the earth, covered by soil and watered with prayer until the harvest comes. Seasons where we reap God’s goodness and taste and tell of his faithfulness. Seasons of unimaginable sorrow and unexplainable joy.

I hope to capture every bit of life here as possible and I hope you will be encouraged, motivated and empowered to celebrate and utilize every single season of your life too.

Hey y'all, I'm Tiffany 

Nurse Practitioner. Photographer. Story-teller and food lover. I'm just a single 30-something gal living in the midwest. Drop me a note and say hello! 


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