Maui, Hawaii | Day I

Holy Paradise. I've been to Maui before, about 12 years ago, when I was eighteen, but what can you possibly know about how to appreciate the beauty that is Maui when all you care about is pool time and tan lines at 18, am I right?

After a long, eight hour flight (with no wifi, are you kidding me American Airlines? #firstworldprobs) we arrived in Maui at around 1pm. After stopping probably 5 times along the coast to snap pictures we made it to our Airbnb. We laughed at ourselves later at how we freaked over the beautiful drive from the airport because we hadn't seen anything yet.


We stayed at the Paki Maui in an Airbnb in Lahaina and it was well worth it. Rooms over at the Sheraton, just a few miles down the road were upwards of $500 a night and we scored a room with a balcony view just steps from the ocean for $189 a night. The water was so blue, it didn't even look real. (Disclaimer should you decide to stay here: There is no AC in the condo, but there were plenty of fans and the air was much cooler at night.)


First food stop was The Fish Market. * Forgive me for not snapping a photo of all the food we had here but almost every time the meal was gone before I realized I had no evidence of eating it. *

I got the Baja fish tacos and lobster bisque. So delicious! We ended up eating here two more times before we left because the food was that good and it was right across the street from the condo. Major plus.

After we got unpacked and rested up it was nearly time for sunset, and I had heard to never miss a sunset or sunrise on the island if you can help it. So, we headed down to Southwest Maui to a beach I had researched for the best views of sunset and it did not disappoint. The sky was so golden and blue, it was a dream.


After sunset we headed over into Kihei for dinner and ended up at a food truck parked on a curb. Best Coconut shrimp I have ever had, paired with hawaiian rice and a side of greens dressed in macadamia nuts and feta.

It was an early night, seeing as how by 9pm Maui time, it was 2am Tulsa time, so we were beat. But don't worry, I would end up awake at 4:30 the next morning and got to witness the most incredible sunrise of my life thus far, so stay tuned!