Maui, Hawaii | Day II


I woke up at 4am Maui time, 9am Tulsa time. So I decided I might as well enjoy the sunrise while I was up. And what an incredible sunrise it was. I had read to not miss a single rise or setting of the sun while in Maui, and I have to agree. Even though sunrise typically starts around 5:30am, you can nap later. You'll thank me for it.


That view was straight off of our balcony. I couldn't say anything better about staying in this airbnb. You can read more about it in Maui, Hawaii | Day I.

After sunrise, we decided to hop over to The Gazebo for breakfast. I had heard RAVE reviews about this place and their pancakes. We went over about 7:30am and there was already a line completely around the small building and into the parking lot. There are only about 10 or so tables, but they move you in and out quickly. Due to the wait, we decided to try the next day and we ended up at The Plantation House in Kapalua instead and it was a great find! The restaurant is set in the hills on a gorgeous golf course, with a view to die for.


We started with their famous, warm banana bread (apparently banana bread is the thing in Maui) and I ended up with eggs benedict. I couldn't decide on which variety I wanted so I did one of the Blackstone Eggs with traditional hollandaise and sausage and one of the Seared Ahi with wasabi hollandaise and they were both delicious. Being the southern girl I am, raised on biscuits and sausage gravy my whole life, I enjoyed the Blackstone version more.


After breakfast we went back to rest (because 4am) and then hit the beach. We found a place down the street from our condo, called the Farmer's Market, where they literally chop off the top of a coconut with a machete and give you a straw. It's not a genuine, street fair style farmer's market like one would think. It's more of a very small, locally operated health food store. They have a smoothie and bagel bar too. It was always packed when we went in.

The beach in front of our condo was perfect for snorkeling. There were several sea turtles living near by and you have an excellent chance of meeting them there during your stay.


For dinner we ended up in old Lahaina at Down The Hatch. I love old Lahaina for many reasons. First it's an old whaling village with unique Hawaiian charm. I LIVE for history and this town reeks of it. Second, there is plenty to eat, see and shop here. At the restaurant We started with the Lava Lava Shrimp and opted for their spicy caesar salads, which were both great. They are known for their lobster and crab grilled cheese, but we had a big breakfast (and fish tacos again for lunch) so we wanted lighter fare for dinner.

After dinner we set out to Southwest Maui to find Oneuli Beach, one of the epic black sand beaches we had heard/read so much about. We plugged the beach into google maps and LOL'd when it told us to "pull over on the side of the road and walk" through a literal jungle to our destination.

We found a random road off the beaten path and MY OH MY was it worth it! The beach wasn't crowded at all and the perfect spot for watching sunset.


Of course, I don't typically watch sunsets in a red chiffon dress, BUT we wanted an excuse to do a styled shoot because we're in MAUI and when else can you wear a red dress on a beach without looking like a freak? We had so much fun!

We ended the night at walgreens, because I cut my foot on the reef earlier and needed some serious First Aid. #realtalk So, the end of the day is less glamorous, BUT stay tuned for Day 3 because I got the whole day to myself to explore the island!

Red Swimsuit | JCREW

Red Dress | VICI Collection

Photo Credit: Beautiful Exchange Photography