San Francisco | California

San Fran has been on my bucket list for forever. We only drove up for one day and I have to say, unfortunately, it wasn't nearly enough. You need at least three days or more to really experience the city. We spent a lot of the time in the car getting from one place to another so I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, but it was a good day nonetheless! Our first stop was the Golden Gate bridge and it was exactly as grandiose as I thought it would be. We ended up hiking up to the top of the Kirby Cove campground for the craziest view.


We lunched at Seaside Diner in Sausalito and then headed into the city to cruise around.

Fisherman's wharf was amazing, with fresh seafood on every corner and I couldn't get over all the piers! I would have died to visit Alcatraz but it was completely sold out.


Our next stop was the painted ladies from Full House and then coffee over at Blue Bottle Coffee Co.


And sadly, that was it! If you're headed to San Fran and renting a car, beware that you will be spending A LOT of time getting to and from your destinations. It would end up taking us 30-45 minutes to go a mile or more because of the layout of the city and the traffic. It's a lot like NYC, which for some reason, I didn't expect.

I will definitely be going back and staying longer!