What to Expect for Your Photography Session 


General Policies 

  • Please be on time. Our sessions are designed specifically around the timing of the sun. It takes a good 10 minutes or so to warm up in front of the camera and I want you to get the full time allotted for your session. If you are late the session will end at the time scheduled. 
  • Requests for specific shots or poses will be honored but are also at the discretion of the photographer. I want you to look your best and will let you know what will work well for us on camera and what will not. 
  • Weather - In the case of inclement weather, I will contact you directly to reschedule. 
  • Pets - Pets are family too! If you wish to have your pets included in your session you may bring them. We will get specific shots with your pet(s) and the family but individual pet portraits are not included in your session. 
  • Photo retouching is limited to basics like spot/blemish removal and very light skin smoothing/brightening. I do not remove wrinkles, extra weight, tan lines or bra straps from photos. 
  • I will post 3-5 sneak peek photos on my Facebook Page after our session. You can expect to have your full gallery delivered to you within 1 week of your shoot. 
  • When your photos are ready you will receive a print release via email. It will need to be signed electronically and your gallery will be delivered shortly after. 

Birth Story

Birth Story sessions are lifestyle sessions designed to capture the beauty and wonder of birth. We will discuss due date and availability before booking your session. In the case of night delivery, I will be on call for your admission to Labor & Delivery. All the details surrounding timing and scheduling will be discussed with me privately. This is an intense time for photos. If at any point you or your partner are uncomfortable with me in the room you may ask me to leave. Do your best to focus on the expectation that you will be captured just as you are during your session. 


Maternity sessions are a mix of lifestyle and posed portraits shot as early as 32 weeks and as late as 35. You may bring up to two outfits, but usually my clients find that one is best as we most likely will be shooting outdoors. Dad and siblings are welcome. 

What to Wear

Neutrals, solid colors and florals are best. Dresses and tops on the tighter fitting side really showcase the belly and pregnancy silhouette well.


First 48 

Timing and scheduling is dependent on delivery date. Sessions usually take place in the morning when natural light is the best. Baby will be captured best at least 24 hours after delivery and if baby is a boy, before circumcision. Baby should be well fed before the session begins and diaper changed. We will be getting an assortment of shots of baby in the basinet and with parents. We will dress baby in a white hospital onesie and you may choose one more outfit as well. Siblings are welcome to attend shoots. Session is closed to immediate family only. We will work around baby's needs and schedule. 


Sessions usually take place 1-2 weeks after baby is born and are scheduled in the early morning for best lighting. Baby will need to be fed and changed before the shoot begins. If you have had a particularly hard night with baby, please don't be afraid to contact me and we can push the shoot back. Shoots should begin no later than 11 for best results. Make sure the room/nursery is nice and warm. As far as clothing goes for baby and parents, I recommend whites and solid, light neutrals. Dresses are okay for moms! No black. We can take breaks as needed for diaper changes and feeds. The session can last anywhere from a min of 1 hour to a max of 2 hours. Newborn shoots are closed to immediate family only. 

Family Sessions

For families with small children, please bring snacks and toys we can use to get the children to engage. A "treat" for the end of the session always works well for bribery :) A Blanket, chair, couch or bench is welcome at the shoot but will need to be provided by you. The shoot will consist of several poses and candid shots of the family, parents, children together and individuals of the children. Infants who cannot sit on their own will need to be held by the parents, placed on a blanket or held standing up by their hands. 

What to Wear

Neutrals work best. Florals and large plaids are good as well. Large stripes are okay but try to stay away from small stripes and they appear to "dance" on camera. Color coordination and different textures and patterns is key to good family photos. Please feel free to contact me about outfit options. I want to help you look your best!